What to Consider When Choosing a Site for Drilling a Well on Your Property

15 Apr

Bore drilling a well on your property starts with first choosing the best site. Not all areas of a property will provide a healthy and clean flow of water, and some areas may not actually support the function of your well’s pump. Before you choose the space on your property where you will have a […]

Practical implications of using reed beds in your constructed wetland

9 Mar

When designing a constructed wetland, there are many factors you need to consider. You need to put it in the right place, make sure all systems can work correctly, and also use the right materials. There is one thing that many people overlook when they are designing constructed wetlands, and that is the importance of […]

Reasons to Opt for Agricultural Water Testing

18 Feb

If you own a farm, it is pertinent to ensure that the quality of the water you use for the various applications is not compromised. This is because contaminated water will not only affect the overall health of both your plants and livestock, but it can also cause harm to the farm implements and equipment […]