Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Self and Professional Installation of an Irrigation System

If you are thinking about starting a home garden in your backyard, then you need an irrigation system. The accessory ensures that your garden gets enough water without being wasteful. The good news is that most irrigation systems today can easily be installed by the average homeowner. On the other hand, there are situations when an irrigation contractor is required for an excellent job. Notably, the decision on whether to install the system by yourself or hire a professional is determined by considering various factors. Read on for insight into these factors.

Water Pressure -- Before you think about installing an irrigation system, it is essential first to establish the pressure of your water supply system. The reason for taking the readings is to determine if your water supply system has enough force to reach your garden. You can accomplish this using a pressure gauge, which you can buy from a home store. Ideally, the water pressure should be between 30 psi and 50 psi. You should then provide the information to an irrigation system supplier for the acquisition of the right equipment. However, if the readings are lower or higher than this range, then you will need a professional to do the installation. An expert will know how and where to install valves to control pressure and prevent damage to the equipment in the case for high water pressure.

Features of Garden -- Understanding the attributes of your garden is vital when choosing and installing an irrigation system. The more complex your garden is, the more intricate the installation process will be. For instance, if your garden is relatively flat, then the installation process is straightforward so long as you follow the instructions that come with the system. However, if there are many elevation changes or numerous trees on your garden, then you need special irrigation equipment, which complicates the installation process. In the latter case, you are better off hiring an irrigation contractor.

Size of Your Garden -- The process of installing an irrigation system is in itself invasive. Therefore the bigger your garden, then the more trenches you need to dig to fit all the pipes and sprinklers. It can be substantial work which might require further landscaping work to return the landscape to its original look. In this case, you need a professional since they will keep the damage to a minimum. On the other hand, if your garden is small, then you do not have to do a lot of digging. Therefore, you can install the system without overly invading your lawn.

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