Reasons to Opt for Agricultural Water Testing

If you own a farm, it is pertinent to ensure that the quality of the water you use for the various applications is not compromised. This is because contaminated water will not only affect the overall health of both your plants and livestock, but it can also cause harm to the farm implements and equipment that you use. By enlisting the services of water testing labs, you ensure that not only is your water safe, but you also get to learn how to improve its quality. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for agricultural water testing.  

Agricultural Water Testing Can Be Used for a Myriad of Applications

When you opt to use the services of professional water testing labs, you have an array of tests performed to check the suitability of the water. Bacterial tests are run to ensure that your animals are not at risk of diseases. The bacterial tests also work toward ensuring your water is not impeding soil fertility or crop production. Other tests that are run include checking the amount of mineral salts in the water, the alkalinity levels, the amount of solids dissolved in the water and more. These make it easier to spot any pathogens in the water that would compromise the productivity of both your farm animals as well as your crops.

Agricultural Water Testing Protects Your Farm Implements

One thing most people do not consider is how contaminated water can affect the functionality of their farm equipment. Water is used for cleaning these implements, providing hydration in machinery and more. If the water has dissolved solids in it, they begin to accumulate in the various components of your farm implements, such as nozzles, piping, hoses, and vales. Over time, these components become clogged, which greatly affects their functionality. By opting for water testing, you ensure that the water used for cleaning as well as for operating the equipment is not putting your equipment at risk of malfunction.

Agricultural Water Testing Aids in Safe Water Reclamation

Water reclamation is an important aspect for farm owners who live in areas that do not receive sufficient rainfall to sustain agricultural operations. However, it should be noted that using reclaimed water comes with its own risks, as the water could be contaminated with soluble salts or excessively alkaline, among other things. Additionally, reclaimed water may also have an unusual appearance or smell. By opting for the services of water testing labs, you get a chance to find out the chemical composition of the water and get methods to remedy any abnormalities. This inevitably leads to enhanced water conservation, as you can make the most of the water that you are reclaiming for farm use. 

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